I began my journey with unrealistic expectations. I was going to be "that mom". The one who had it all together...clean house,perfectly cooked meals and smiling faces when Daddy came home.

In reality, when my oldest son began lessons, I was expecting. Morning sickness and tiredness overwhelmed me. The perfectly cooked meals were often quick foods as I was sick, and tired (pardon the cliche) and at days end, if dinner was served and dishes washed I was happy. Reading? That could come later.

I've learned a great deal since then, The greatest lesson? Relax!

A perfect homeschool mama simply does not exist. If we spend all of our time trying to follow an ideal, we are going to burn out and our children will stall in their learning.

A Typical Day....

We start our day at 7:30. Breakfast is all hands on deck. Everyone helps to set up and clean up which gives me a chance to get laundry going while we eat. Breakfast usually will include Catechism memory time.We practice about 6 questions at a time with verses, then the children recite them at church the first Sunday of each month.

The children start their lessons after breakfast. I have a list of what needs to be done and each child knows their goals.We range from Biology to learning the alphabet here so I break down things in small bites which helps me have better one on one time with each child throughout the school day.
I have a leaning toward the Charlotte Mason style of learning. I know that writing is helpful of course, but I do not care to be weighed down by the mire of endless workbooks. The older children begin their lessons without much oversight. I am working with my youngest in reading and basic math, both of which have her excited. Lunch rolls around about 12:30. We talk and share anything that needs input or extra help. My goal is to be finished with the day by 2pm. Some days this happens earlier, some later depending on the days work ethic and any questions or extra help that was needed. Daddy arrived home at about 4pm and we like to have dinner ready soon after. Evening involve family time and Bible study. We are using Balancing the Sword together along with catechism.