Saturday, January 11, 2014

New year, new me

I decided to clean house. I dislike clutter and mess and so, I cleaned the blog.I deleted past posts because I want to start anew. This year, as any new year, holds much hope, dreams and possibilities... My heart has changed and I have changed...some of the growth hurt but was much needed. I am thankful.... If you read this, as I have noticed many blogs slowing down,please feel free to share any thoughts for future posts....I do not wish to be a lemming...posting what others do because they do....I wish to honor the Lord. That said, I desire to share my journey...what I have learned and the many mistakes I have made along the way. Being myself is important to me as I have shielded it for so long . I have made myself believe that the perfect home, perfect children...perfect outfit was what is so much more than that!! ( I do like a clean home, well mannered children and looking tidy by the way, but I do not place my worth in those things) I pray you will stay tuned...until then, May the Lord bless you! ♥

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